Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Today I Was Found Guilty In A Mexican Court Of Law

That's right.  The judge in her robe and a court reporter.  She asked me how I pled and I said guilty with exception.  After I explained my case she said,   "You have never had a citation for any driving infraction or criminal activity.  However, we are here to protect the citizenry of San Pedro Garza Garcia.  You grossly violated the law by exceeding the posted speed limit by 20 km and will have to pay the price.  I sentence you to a 1600 peso fine or community service and a reduced fine of 38 pesos".  

She asked me if I had anything to say and of course I did 😎  I said that the ticket was handwritten.  Why aren't there handheld terminals to check the license and infraction record?  If I have such a perfect record and the officer could see that he could issue me a warning.  Also, I am a senior citizen and you have no discounts for seniors on a pension.  She said, "Well we aren't quite there yet".  I said, "This is San Pedro Garza Garcia, the richest municipality in Mexico".  She shook her head, picked up the gavel hit the desk, and said, "Case closed".

I chose community service for my infraction of exceeding the speed limit.  Off I went to watch a 20-minute video on driver safety and take a 10-question test.  Obviously, I passed.  The video is off on many points and I may send a letter to the editor of the El Norte newspaper (not the first time).

I was at the U.S. Consulate prior to that.  More than an estimated 500 Mexicans seeking work visas.  It's a daily thing.  It took about a 2.5 hour wait before I was finished but my passport will be printed in Guadalajara and sent to me via DHL in a few weeks.  I could write a diatribe on the cases I saw and the people I talked to.  One couple is from Venezuela, and lives in Eagle Pass, Tx. but have their children born in Mexico.  The hospitals and care are better in Mexico he says.  He says they will never return to Venezuela and he sees Mexico heading in the same direction.  Very interesting guy.  

He has a small import/export company and he says it works two ways; the long and tedious method that can drag out to weeks or pay the military in charge of the aduana and things will be done in an hour.  He says he's never in a hurry and can wait. 


  1. Three posts already this month. You better slow down or you'll exceed your quota...LOL.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 that's why we're leaving tomorrow for SMA.