Friday, March 20, 2009

Escapees Summerdale, Al to Beaumont, Tx

Made a stop in Alabama late yesterday afternoon. One of the wheel bearings was bad on the trailer and the tire wore severly on the inside exposing the belt. I stopped at the visitor's center entering Alabama and checked my tires, that's when i discovered the problem. The shop I found was down the street from a Camping World. Difference in price was about 35%. So the mechanic recommended a small rv park there in Loxley but it was a real dump. It went something like this:
Hi honey, pick a spot. Twenty bucks. Do you have wifi? Who? You know, internet? No honey, I never hird of that. Sorry about the onions on my hands, but I fixin' dinner. Is it quiet here? Well, we's on the highway so its noisy at night. No, I mean, are the neighbors quiet? No honey, they's come and go all hours of the night. Well, let me check and I'll come back later.
Wow, that was an experience.
So I went down the road and that is where I found the Camping World. They recommended the Rainbow Plantation. I called, but they said they close at 5:30 sharp. And they mean it. I got there at 5:29 and they were closed. So I chose a primitive site for 12 dollars. Met a nice couple from British Columbia heading down to Florida.
Now I want to be an SKP. First off, what a beautiful park. Second, everyone was so nice to me. Things were clean and in order. I almost always shower in the TT but this time I used the shower behind the office. Very well done and clean. I take it everyone chips in. I spent a quiet night and woke up refreshed and ready to get the TT fixed and hit the road.
In the morning, I stopped and paid at the office and they gave me an issue of the Escapees magazine. He showed me all the parks listed in the back and encouraged me to join.
After, I got the TT repaired and finally hit the road around 11 a.m. I made it to Beaumont, Tx and I am at the Flying J off of I-10. A little noisy but not "very expensive". Believe it or not, this is my first truck stop camping in the U.S.

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