Monday, March 30, 2009

Meeting Kevin and Ruth

Kevin and Ruth stopped by yesterday. They asked about a place I had listed on my blog but it was a short notice and hard to set up. So I offered them an overnight at our place in Allende. They have a 28ft motorhome and have been on the road for 18 months, four of those here in Mexico and they have been just about everywhere.
A really cool couple who took the plunge and decided life is too short to wait and see what happens. They made it happen.
I met them around 3 p.m. in Allende, showed them to our place and then we took off for a drive to Santiago, El Cercado and then to Los Cavazos for a late lunch or early dinner at Don Arturo's for shrimp. We had a couple free tequila shots too!
We stopped by our house to show them the shack we live in and then back to there place for a couple of drinks. No booze is sold here on Sunday after 5 p.m. and I didn't know that. Now what does that say about me? (I buy my booze at CostCo during the week :) ). We had a couple of drinks, I showed them the route to the border around Monterrey and off they went his morning.
Bad news is I didn't take a picture.
Croft and Norma came today. A story worth reading but you need to check his blog. I'll let him tell you what happened.

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