Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trip To The Everglades

Outside Clyde Butcher's Studio

We drove out to Everglades National Park on Tuesday. We left around 9 a.m. Bob came by to pick me up and take a look at the rv and the rv park. I know they would never buy one, but it would sure be fun to have an rving family.

So we headed off for the Everglades stopping at a visitor's station with a boardwalk to get a good look at the fish and alligators in their natural environment. Bob took a picture of me standing in front of one hoping it would take off and scare the pants off of me. I was smarter than that. He attempted it again several time throughout the day.

We passed many indian villages where the Seminole live. You can see the rooftops of their houses, very similar to palapas in Mexico but using a different palm to cover the roof. They keep their villages enclosed within fences to keep out the lookie loos. They also have casinos and share the monies among the tribe. There are many stops along the way to buy souvenirs.

As we entered the national park, the ranger asked if any of us were over 62 so we had no entrance fees. The tram left about 20 minutes after we arrived and took us on a tour of the park. The fee is 16 dollars per person for a two hour trip. It is well worth the price. Very good information given by the guides, many facts I had never known. At the end of the tour we had a great lunch that Barb had prepared for us. It was great to see families eating at their cars and picnicing getting away from all the tour stuff and concessions. It brings back memories of my dad stopping along the way and all of us piling out of the car and sitting on the back of the station wagon having cold fried chicken my mom had made along with a glass of Koolaid.

A swimming Anhinga

Looking out over the wetlands
Brother Bob was determined to get me stand next to an alligator.

We finished the afternoon stopping to see the famous Florida photographer, Clyde Butcher. He has dedicated his life to photographing the Everglades. Very good work. I would love to have one hanging in our house.
Turtle taking in the sun.

A celebratory dinner that Barb fixed for us. It was a wonderful roast!

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