Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Financial Experts - Where Are They Now?


I posted the message below on the rv.net but it was deleted as they considered it too political. Although it has a direct relationship to rvers and reforces their need to boondock more and more as ever-rising park prices coupled with fuel and reduced pension and retirement incomes.
Okay, so where are the big shots now. Why haven't they bellied up to the bar to offer their wonderful advice to the current administration to help us recover from an economic failure brought on by their greed? Where are the senators and representatives who made promises and held secret their solutions to help the economic recover? Overall, the brightest most elite group, graduates from Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Cornell, etc. who got us into this mess to begin with?
How many people are now suffering because (even though it hasn't hit home yet) they have to continue working until 75 years of age or beyond as they have lost their pensions, retirement funds and or incomes, and had looked forward to those wonderful years that we all had such high hopes of taking advantage of. Rving, fulltiming, enjoying and reaping the fruits of our labors.
All of it is lost now, the stock market continues hitting an all time low. Where are they now with more of that great advice?
As a side note, this is not the verbatum I had posted. A warning to anyone who posts on a forum that has moderation; save copies of all your posts. This one was one of my best and it was lost to a deletion by rv.net. I have recommended on several occasions that rv.net provide some type of automatic deletion message with coding that would provide reasons for the deletion along with the post. I have now established a file for all of my posts that I copy and paste.

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  1. Good post. Your advice on keeping copies of posts on RV.net and Escapees is good. It appears they do not like anti war statements either. Mine was deleted and lost as well. Have fun NOB!