Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lafayette to Pensacola

Great day today! I got up early this morning to take pictures of the KOA and to do some exercise. I had my morning coffee first, took out the trash and off I went. As always, the main purpose of my exercise when on the road is to check out all the rvs in the park. Today was a good one, I came across a Damon Tuscany with six slides. The minute I got back to the rv I looked them up and fired off an email to a dealer who had a new 2009 and he offered it for 155K, knowing I could get the price down lower. It was a great daydream!

I took off around 9:15 and continued East. Louisiana is a beautiful state and I enjoyed the drive. As I passed through New Orleans, I was reminded of what had happened. Lunch hour and very little traffic for starters. Then I passed the dome where it really got bad and continued on the I-10 seeing lots where there once stood homes, stores, shopping malls and on and on. So much that has yet to be cleaned up. Even some of the fencing still had trash and brush from the flooding trapped up against it. Such a tragedy.

KOA in Lafayette.

Ducks walking by my site.

The lake at the KOA in Lafayette, with lots of snowbirds.

Watching the Comedy Channel last night and updating the blog.

I crossed Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and into Florida today. One interesting thing is that the Southern states are lined with either highway patrol or sheriff department patrol cars. Today I changed my driving habit and reduced my speed to 62 mpg, took off the cruise control and disengaged the tow-haul option. No fishing, and I improved my mpg by 20%. One big boo-boo. I replaced two tires in San Antonio before leaving. I forgot to raise the rear tire pressure and that may help even more.

I passed several big cities and now I have to think and look at the map to see just where I was. I know I could have saved some time going around New Orleans but it was worth it. I think I found the place where I can buy some of the best petit fours in the world and may stop there just for that.

Here is downtown Mobile, Al.

The dome in New Orleans.

Isn't there an expression, the cat's in the bag! Lil' Bit got bored today.

Beautiful Louisiana Scenery.

Biloxi, Ms.
Passing through the tunnel in Mobile, Al
I'm a big fan of van dwellers. I like small spaces and love to see what people can cram into a van. This guy passed me with a Sprinter. It had a large picture window on the side as well as the back. I could see inside and see that he had a small kitchen. But more interesting were the two 5000 btu air conditioners attached to the back. Imagine, one is quiet and two really keeps you cool in the Summer heat. A "cool" idea. Would still love to have a Roadtrek with diesel engine and 4X4. I could go where no rv has gone before.

Let the truth will out. Now we know that the pork barrel projects are coming from both parties. However, one party put in their pork barrel projects and then they will vote against it knowing it will win. They then get their money but can say they vote no. What a bunch of chicken shits!


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