Sunday, March 22, 2009

Overnight At Flying J

I have to admit that even though I am an avid boondocker in Mexico I was a bit apprehensive about boondocking in the U.S. Sorry, but it kind of scares me knowing so many people carry guns and all the kooks out there that steal and break into rvs. I have seen the news stories. In Mexico, that just doesn't happen. At least as far as we know. We are constantly searching the news files and forums looking for stories of rvers who have had problems in Mexico but to no avail.
Thursday night I found myself crossing the Louisiana - Texas border and not having a place to stay. I found a small campground at exit 888 right on the border called Cypress Park or something or other, but there was no one there at the office, a pay box but no envelopes. It also said no cash, credit cards only, but no forms to fill out or even a price list. I left and kept going. I found a Flying J and with the sun going down, I went for it. I asked inside the store and the guy said there was no problem.
I parked in the designated area and found it to be a bit noisy. Once I got things set up, (no not the awing or the grill) I found it was very comfortable inside. I watched tv, connected to the internet, fixed a drink and had a nice evening. As I went to bed, I put in my earplugs as usual and slept all through the night.
The next morning I took off for San Antonio and that is where I am now, boondocking in my neighbor's driveway.

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  1. Dang. We found a great CG just before the TX border in Vinton, LA. It was nice yet inexpensive.