Tuesday, March 10, 2009

San Antonio, Tx to Lafayette, La

I headed out this morning from San Antonio around 8:30. I didn't sleep to well last night. It appears the cats ordered a pizza and had a party. Actually, I guess I had left the food out and Lil'Bit was up and down. Missy was in the carrier and was sound asleep. I took my melatonine but I still woke up. I went back to sleep but it wasn't good sleep, along with the fact that I was dreaming quite a bit.

I took the infamous I-10 through Houston, stopping at Walmart to fix lunch and take a short cat nap. It was enough to get me here to Lafayette. It was a fun trip today even though I was by myself. The cats keep me occupied along with lots of talk radio. Boy, the crap they are spreading on the air waves, you would think we are headed for a revolution. Could very well happen if the likes of radio talk show hosts keep it up.

I-10 as you know is pretty non-descript but it still has its beauty as well as oddities. I stopped off at the Louisiana visitor's center to pick up a map.

I started looking for an rv park around 5:30 p.m. I had wanted to stay at a casino but I had a bad start today and decided to treat myself. Wow, some treat. I went to the intersection of Hwy 45 and I-10 and went to the supermarket. Remember that the rv had been in the repair shop for three weeks and I don't know why, but I didn't stock up in San Antonio. Life here in the U.S. is definitely different from life in Mexico. For one, those pesky little machines at check outs that you "swipe" your card through. I can't for the life of me quite figure them out. Yesterday at HEB the check out clerk was a bit irritated as I kept cancelling the transaction and I didn't even know it. Why do they have those anyway? Do they really save time? What about customer service.

So I headed back to Exit 97 where I had seen a KOA. Wowie wowie! I should have just stayed at the Hilton downtown. They nickel and dime you to death and then there is no one there after 7 p.m. and I can't see squat without my glasses. I couldn't figure out the form and there were no instruction other than pay and drop. I got to my site, which is very nice. It is next to the little lake. It is a very nice campground but when you have boondocked for 10 years it stings a bit. I will be paying less in Naples than here in Layfayette. In Naples, I don't mind. It is in a pricey upper-class area. Here I am off the I-10 and the park is almost empty.

But I shouldn't complain. It has been a great day. I love rving and being on the open road.

Passing the Igloo factory in Katy, Tx.

Way off in the distance you can see a crop duster. Click on the photo.

Gas wars on the road. I stopped outside Beaumont and the Pilot was $1.73, the Valero $1.71, Shell $1.76 and the Flying J at $1.74. Talk about competition.

I'm watching cable that cost three bucks and the Comedy Central is pretty funny. I had to change Fox, it was too brutal. Okay, enough complaining and politics, tomorrow is another fun day on the road.

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