Sunday, March 29, 2009

Now What Do I Do?

Little Bit is on the road to recovery. I took him to the vet yesterday afternoon and his fever is almost gone. He is still a bit lathargic but has a bit better of an appetite and this morning he woke me up. I'll keep you posted on his recovery.
Now to the question of the day:

People are so cruel. I found this one on my road dying of starvation in knee high grass. I thought it was an empty cement bag or something as I saw a white object. I had been taking it food for the last two days. I keep a bag of dog food in the car and everytime I drove by I would fill up the bowl and some water on the side.
Well, yesterday morning I found her (?) in my backyard sleeping in the cold wet grass. I guess she smelled me out or followed my car. You never know as these guys are pretty smart.
Yesterday, at the vet, I mentioned the dog and told him he was just too big for me to handle by myself. He told me he could come on Monday. I just couldn't leave it alone there to die on the road. Now it seems to be coming around.
As I have said before, I know why humans treat each other the way they do. If you can't treat one of God's creatures with kindness and a little food and water you can never understand the rest.
Thought For The Day
I recently read a forum entry about rvers in Baja riding their ATVs etc. One post has a link with a picture of their rig and a giant flag pole waving the U.S. flag. I could care less but, what if I rved in the U.S. and flew the Mexican flag? How would I be greeted by many rvers?

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