Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Turned A Blind Eye For Too Long

Let the truth will out. Here we are, 20 years later and now its a problem. I remember when I was growing up. All the talk about not using drugs, the drug culture, the fight to win against those crazy drug dealers on the street. Remember the movies like "Shaft"?
Then something happened. Everyone turned a blind eye. Drugs were everywhere. Nobody cared. Everyone I worked with was smoking pot and snorting cocaine. Oh yeah, some of that good stuff from Mexico. They ate it, drank it, smoked it and I don't know what else they did with it.
So here we are and now, just like everything else, it is someone's elses trouble and problem and the big boy will jump in and save the day. Could someone please tell me how 30 billion dollars, wait, let me put that in numerics, 30,000,000,000 dollars worth of "illegal" drugs finds its way into the "strongest", "wealthiest", country with the "greatest" and "strongest" military and honest police force in the world ?
No one wants to talk about that problem. It's not about Mexicans moving the merchandise to the U.S., it's not about the thousands of peons that are recruited every year with promises of money, cars and woman that fight within the cartels and are truly the foot soldiers dying on the streets of Mexico, it's not about all the addicts and users in the U.S.
IT IS ABOUT HOW ALL OF THIS MERCHANDISE MAKES ITS WAY ACROSS THE BORDER. What rock have we been living under for the last 20 years? The same with Iraq. We have refused, literally refused, to do anything about reliance on foreign oil for the last 20 years, so someone else has to pay the price. Denial is dirty thing. How many of us have family members who smoke dope or family members who are drug addicts? I'm one!
Everytime an American buys just one little harmless dime bag of pot, a small rock of cocaine, or crack, they are supporting drug dealers and cartels. It may sound harmless but everytime someone who uses illegal drugs reads the newspapers about the chaos in the place where I live, they are GUILTY. They are the CULPRITS. They are RESPONSIBLE.
And so now what will happen? Will the U.S. come and save the day by invading Mexico? What will that do to our economy, our social stability that is already under deterioration? How much of this mess, abused and used by the media to make money will destroy a great neighbor to the South who just happens to be the number 1 consumer of American goods? Boy, will Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh have a hey dey with this! CNN is already beating them to the punch with their war correspondent Michael Ware, the Australian who can't seem to sit still and suffers from some severe tics. Oh wait, that's his animation to attract his listeners. Look out Fox, CNN is ahead of you on this one.
The house is already on fire, the fire department was playing cards, and now that they are coming to the rescue, they will find the hydrants have no water.
Evil is as evil does. My final word.

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  1. Right you are amigo. All those 'cool' guys and laid back hippies are contributing to a war with a lot of casualties. Similar to putting on those cool Nike's and not caring about the child labor that made them.