Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting An Early Start

Workers are coming today.  The leak is back in the pool and I'm sure it is in the same place.  Having a large tree next to the pool is not the ideal situation.  We had a leak there a few years ago and they will open it up again, look inside and find that the tree roots have attacked the pvc pipes.  The patch that was  done on the decking never matched anyway so I am hoping these birds can do a better job.  These are the same guys that did the remodel on the bedrooms. 

They will also repair some cracks on the backyard wall and repaint.  This guy is a real stickler for using good paint so I know we will have a little discussion.  Another story but one that was interesting about human psychology.  

Speaking of remodeling the bedrooms, the issue was never resolved with the insurance company.  The claim is almost a year old.  We have threatened to sue them and they are now responding saying the claim went by the wayside.  That means that all the calls and emails to our agent were never acted upon.  Since we are going to be here for awhile, I want to get this done so that we can finish the rest of the house, squaring off the arches in the living room, changing the stucco to plaster and putting in laminated flooring.  A more modern look. 

I'll post some pics today as the work progresses.

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