Saturday, June 4, 2011

Open Borders

I found this video on The Future of Freedom Foundation this morning.   Very interesting.  I've always believed that the employer should be to blame not the illegal worker.  Here, the thought is that neither is guilty.  This goes back to some of the beliefs and theories of the economist and intellectual Milton Friedman.  It appears that Milton has been right on all along.  I wonder why we don't listen to people when they present the facts and prove their validity.  Instead we follow people who lead us down the wrong path for their own well-being.

As for today, the workers finish up the work on the wall; repairing the cracks and painting.  The leak in the pool is not where I thought it was and we followed the line all the way to the filter with no luck.  It isn't a major leak although I hate wasting water.  This will be put on the back burner until next year when we will probably do some pool remodeling.

The heat has let up a bit and now hovers around 97F during the day.   At night, after around midnight, I woke up and opened up the windows.  I had shut down the a/c around 10 p.m. when I went to bed.

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