Monday, June 27, 2011

Preparing Our Trip Route To Jalisco

We are down to about two weeks from our scheduled departure from Monterrey to Jalisco.  I am so excited I could burst.   Things are just falling into place and in more ways than one.

First off, I am in my physical exams period.  I had a complete work up last week.  Everything looks good from that standpoint.  I could do a little better on the old cholesterol but that I can drop by reducing some of my favorites in my diet.   Next week I am scheduled to see the cardiologist.  He still charges the same for a complete work up including x-rays, blood tests and stress test.  I am anxious to see how I have improved as I have been working out more, lost a couple of pounds and have been consistent with my Q-10 supplement not to mention my reduction of alcohol (don't fret, it won't affect any New Year's Eve plans).

Don't ask me about the batteries for the rv.  Remember the lights in the slideout and all the work I did only to find out I was using the wrong bulb?   Well, as you know I bought the batteries and they sat in the trailer for a week.  Today I bought the missing connector and the cables to connect the two 6V batteries.  I took off the LP bottles and bingo!  There it was.  If I can explain this so it makes sense, the green cable comes out of the trailer and has the built in 20 amp fuse.  This is supposed to be spliced into the black cable which is the positive side.  After removing the bottles I found the other end of the black cable with connector taped to the frame.  So all I need to do is buy a crimped connector to put the two cables together.   Bingo.  I'll do that tomorrow.  Amazing things I do.   I said on the Funfinder forum that it is amazing we are able to have rv'ed for over 12 years without any major problems.  I guess it shows you how easy it is to rv :)

As for our stops on our way to Jalisco we were thinking the easiest would be to stay at the Las Palmas Hotel in Matehuala, SLP.   Now after some research, we may have found the ideal place and it may be a boondocking spot.  I am asking for your comments because I am not a long-haul driver.  We usually drive from about 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.    About 140 kms south of Matehuala is a place called "Guadalcázar El Realejo". 

This small town has a camping spot along with cabin rentals and is known for mountain climbing and their caves.  Check it out!   My question is, on our first day I like to make ground.  We would leave on Sunday the 10th about 7 a.m.  to avoid any traffic which should be nil considering the day and time.  Passing through Monterrey to Saltillo and down Hwy 57 passing Matehuala to Guadalcázar El Realejo.    Do you think 500 kms is realistic for a first day?  I'm thinking about 7 hours total by the time we get through Monterrey, taco stop at the toll booth on the 57, gas and potty stops.

Work keeps coming.  I got a call today to work in Nogales this Thursday and Friday.  I figure I have time, it's easy and the pay is good. 


  1. The Las Palmas in Matehuala is expensive by our standards, plus your find in Guadalcázar El Realejo sounds so much nicer than a motel parking lot.

    500kms is a lot to do in one day, but it's doable if you leave early like you said. Plus, you have the luxury of being able to stop if you happen get tired of driving!

  2. We took a bus trip out of McAllen and Matehuala was our stop for the night, seemed like a full day even with someone else doing the driving.
    Wish we were going with you.
    Bill and Sharon