Sunday, June 12, 2011

Return Trip From Valle de Juarez - Hacienda Contreras

What a trip!  I can't wait to get back here and spend the summer.   I was nestled warm in my bed in the old fifth wheel they rent out when I woke up this morning and it was freezing cold.  Finally,  a summer escape from the heat of Monterrey.

Sal and Barb are wonderful people and we had a great time.   We went into Valle de Juarez last night for dinner at Sal's cousin's restaurant and had some delicious enchiladas de pollo con mole with a cold beer.  We chatted up a storm and as usual I may have talked to much.   We tooled around town and they showed me all the things there are to do; where to eat, where to shop, where to go to feed their dog and use the internet. This morning we headed out for barbacoa de borrego.  Wow, we are going there when we get back.  The best corn tortillas around not to mention the meat.

They have a wonderful rv park and I hope that over the weeks we are there we can share with everyone what a great place Mazmitla, Valle de Juarez and the Hacienda Contreras Rv Park are.   The air is so clean and fresh, the rain washes away any hot air, the little that there is.  

Here are some shots of the rv park and Mazamitla.  I think we will be spending a pretty fun and interesting summer!

First time I ever slept in a fifth wheel. 

Views of the rv park.

Plaza in Mazamitla

More later, I'm ready to board the plane here in Guadalajara for Monterrey.


  1. Hi Chris, It was a great visit and you are a wonderful person. We look forward to your coming back and we hope you have a good time. wasn't really freezing here.... I saw 58F on the thermometer at 7 am. It's just that your blood is still warm from all that hot weather in the desert area. You will get used to it. Hahahaha

  2. We knew you would love it there, and we can't wait to return there! We're thinking October!