Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FM2 Reposición - Positive Changes In Immigration

I posted this yesterday on regarding my renewed FM2:

This last week I had the pleasure of renewing my FM2, inmigrado or permanent resident. I have had that status now for 15 years and my poor little booklet literally fell apart and had no more room for the stamps I receive each time I leave and reenter Mexico (a total of 140 days allowed per year outside Mexico ). They now offer an ID card instead which is much more convenient as well as resistant.

After all these years of not visiting the office on official business I was wondering how long this would take. Well, to my surprise, they asked for four things:

a payment

a copy of the cover and picture page from passport and FM2

passport photos

copy of the payment

I received my ID this morning. It was ready yesterday. Less than a week. All professional employees, no bureaucracy, and everyone wore a smile. There are no lines anymore, in fact there are no chairs to wait in, no television to watch. In my two visits, it was a total of 45 minutes.

If other Mexican state and federal departments could run with such efficiency we might get somewhere not to mention those of other countries. Ever try to do something at a Texas state office in San Antonio? Forget it.

I asked about notifying them about retirement. They said I need to give them a thirty day notice in writing, no income statements, copies, nothing. It might be wise for those who would like to spend more time in Mexico to consider an FM2. Once you obtain "inmigrado" status (five years after recieving the FM2) you are here for life and no hassles. I say consider doing it now because nobody knows what changes will come in the future.

I applaud our local immigration office for their excellent service and hope that anyone who enters Mexico has the same experience. I am sending a letter to our local paper with the above.

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