Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting the Rv Ready

This heat sucks.  July 10th couldn't come any sooner.  I have given up on the yard.  It is a waste of water, money and time.  In Texas there are so many restrictions for watering that the yards are all brown so why should I worry about it here.  The rains are coming on Wednesday from the tropical storm that is hovering over Merida.  

Today was a productive day.   I purchased the 6V batteries from Costco.   1300 pesos each.  Still cheaper than hauling them across the border having to pay taxes on them.  I can also return them easily for replacement anywhere in Mexico so that is a plus.  We don't make any major purchases in the U.S. anymore.  Too much trouble if something goes wrong.  Here they are:

I also had to redo the shelf for the window air conditioner that fits in the bedroom slide.  Good news, it works beautifully and cools the bedroom.  I know after the sun goes down, it will cool most of the trailer too, no doubts there.  Bad news, the slide is much more fragile than the structure on the frame and it sits over our heads.  So it is more noisy than it was in the other trailer.   Such is life.   If it means sleeping in comfort when we have to, it is worth it.   Could be worse.

I also bought the cables for the batteries.   I still need to get the cable clips or eye connectors for the cables running from the trailer.  AutoZone only sells them in packages and I wasn't sure which size to buy.   I can pick them up individually at a local hardware store here in our town.

So here I am, running around all day doing my errands happy as a lark.  In fact, I sent Juan a message to ask him if his day was going as good as mine.  I came home, took a nap, and when I got up I walked into the kitchen and straightened up all the stuff I had on the countertop.  I had my driver's license, CostCo card, my RFC, and where was my debit card?  I last used it at AutoZone.   I called them and of course they know nothing.  So I transferred the money via internet into another account.  I don't want to cancel it in case they have it at the AutoZone.  No biggie, but a hassle.  Funny though, I had stopped at HEB before that, and the checker had problems swiping the card.   I laughed and told him I had had it forever.   I guess I created my own destiny :).  If I have to go to the bank the only hassle is to go to my original branch which is in the center of Monterrey.  I get a new card same day.   I was hoping to add it to my collection of "me".   A wierd secret, I keep my cancelled stuff, including my hair when I have gone from long to short, any teeth I had pulled, molds of my mouth from the dentist, all have little tags with dates on them (OMG,  TMI).


  1. "Collection of 'Me'"! Now that is freaky!!!

  2. So did you get the battery thing worked out? Sorry I couldn't reply earlier but it has been nuts at work. Looking forward to shutting down again on the 15th october. Tough on the studies too. Still managing a couple or three hours a week on German and a maintenance mode on french and spanish. Oh woh is me. :)

  3. I think the 'collection of me' is a really cool concept!...but anything dental is rather wild, I've been through too much of THAT to want reminiscences.