Monday, June 13, 2011

Not Sweating The Small Stuff

I got home yesterday afternoon about 6:30.   The trip home was uneventful but I was able to see more sitting on the other side of the bus.  Also, the plane ride from Guadalajara takes you over the west to east route and the view of the mountain ranges is awesome.   So much to explore but how would you ever get there?  I would love to have a helicopter.  Remember the one that was built as an rv and fully equipped inside!  That would really be something but I would have had to have chosen a different profession, one that made big bucks.

Today I did my reports from the weekend and took them to the Multipak office twice.  First time their system was down and then they close for lunch.   I drove over to Juan's office and dropped off some stuff that he had left at home.   His windfall check came in today and he deposited it .  It took two years to fix the problem he had with his name.  One letter was wrong and that screwed up the whole thing.  Didn't matter anyway, the money was earning interest all along.  

So now to get the rv ready.  I'm thinking like we are going around the whole continent on this trip and I don't want to forget anything.   It is sinking in slowly and if something doesn't get done it really doesn't matter.   We can do things there as easily as here.   Today I made a list of things to do.

I called the factory about the wiring on the battery.  They blew me off saying they had no idea as models change from one year to another.  I posted another question on the Funfinder group and I think I have an answer.  The green cable, for those that remember, is spliced into the black cable on other owners' Funfinders.   But what I want to know is what that darn cable with the fuse is for.   I'm complicating the issue.

On my list for this week is to buy the black rubber flooring material with the circles on it, not a clue what it is called in English.  That is to line the outside compartment so it doesn't get fowled up with tools, hoses, and the like.  LEDs for the bedroom slideout now that I have that figured out and some screws to screw down some diamond plate that didn't get done at the factory, and to build my black water hose compartment.  All easy stuff but I need to get crackin'.

I also want to go by immigration tomorrow and get my new FM2 ordered.   I don't have to have it but I have a feeling that we will return home for a week in August and might just head to the mountains in the U.S.  I'm thinking of Guadalupe National Park and Franklin State Park in West Texas.   We love Hwy 90 heading west and that will take us there stopping at Amistad, Seminole Canyon, and Balmorhea.  I would really like to make a stop in San Antonio and have the a/c unit at the house there checked out while I am there.  I don't like things that don't work well.

We are really excited about all that is happening. 


  1. I think what you are looking for is "shop flooring" or "garage flooring" You could find at a flooring outlet, or maybe AutoZone. Also think about floor mats like a kitchen floor mat. One other idea is a floor bed liner for a pickup truck.

  2. If you have a power Jack the fuse may be for that. I am relectant to guess at colour coding the manufacturer used for the battery wires as the consequences can be expensive.

    One way top tell is to plug the trailer in, go to the connections with a meter and chack the voltage. the converter will be trying to charge the batterys (that are not hooked up). If your meter is set to 15 or greater volts dc you should read about plus 14 volts if you have the positive on the positive wire and the negative on the negative wire. If you have it backwards you will read negative 14 volts. Switch around and it should read positive. You have now found which one is negative and which one is positive. Get some tape and mark them.

    Buena suerte.