Friday, June 17, 2011

Taking A Beating
The heat is relentless.  We are now finishing our second month and it won't let up.  We have had a couple promises of rain but they have all fallen through.   I know it isn't only here but all across the continent.  We are so looking forward to our trip to Jalisco in a couple of weeks.   Here is the weekend forecast through Wednesday.

Máxima: 104°    Mínima: 74°
Máxima: 104°    Mínima: 73°
Máxima: 98°    Mínima: 74°
Máxima: 102°    Mínima: 75°
Parcialmente nublado
Máxima: 101°    Mínima: 77°
Escape the heat and that has a double meaning.  This week has been one of the bloodiest yet in Monterrey.   I have a very good article I would like to share but it is in Spanish and I just don't trust the on line translators.  Here it is for those wish to read it, you can use your own translator.
In English the title is:  The Root of Violence  it is about 20 pages long and includes some interesting charts.  It is actually an analysis of what is going on here in Mexico and it says that the large organizations have been hit so hard and their leaders captured but they can no longer function and have broken into many smaller groups.  In other words, becoming rag tag bands of very violent people fighting to win territory.  Check it out.  Maybe someone can find it in English.  There is hope in all of this.


  1. Know what you are talking about with the heat. We get USA everyday and I always check out the temp in Monterrey. Here in Auburn AL it has been running dead even to about four degrees less on an average. Hate having the A/C on 24/7. Hope to head north in a couple of weeks!

  2. Austin, TX, too! Hoovering around 100 for maybe 3 weeks - I'd be happy to have 90 back! 106 yesterday, that's beyond my limit, I don't go outside, so glad we've good AC.

  3. Sure wishing we could have a small amount of your heat here. Today is the first day of summer and where we are the high today will be 12C (53F) and very windy. We are seeing a little blue sky today so that is a change.

    Kevin and Ruth