Thursday, June 16, 2011

Replacing My Old FM2

I finally did it.  My poor old FM2 booklet was worn and faded after 12 years not to mention full to the brim with "entradas y salidas".  For those that may not know, even though I am a permanent resident I still have to check in and out each time I leave and enter the country.  They will be counting the dates on the stamps in my book this week to see if I violated the rules for any year of the last 12.  The rule indicates that I may not be out of Mexico for more than 140 days per year.  So far so good.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the office to get the list of requirements to replace my FM2.  Now it is a carnet or ID card, magnetic strip and computer chip.  I will still have to check in and out on every trip outside Mexico.   The following is a list of requisites for replacement:

  •  5 passport photos; 2 portrait and 3 profile
  • a payment to the government of 1292 pesos
  • copy of my U.S. passport and FM2 (cover and first two pages of both)
  • online application
The only thing that needed three copies was the payment from the bank (more on that in a minute).  The first day I went I had a run in with one of the agents.   As you enter there is an information desk.  Very friendly bi-lingual people.   They direct you to a counter, no more waiting for hours in line.   I walked right up to the counter and she asked me want transaction I wanted to make and we began the process.   I handed her the payment and then trouble began.   Without saying anything else, she said, "esta mal" (it's wrong) and she tossed it back on the counter.  Well, "esta mal" is very impolite and shows lack of courtesy and education.   So I asked her what was wrong and she said the payment I made at the bank had an error. I looked it over and found nothing wrong.  She said that I had my mother's maiden name on the payment.  Well sure I do.  At the top of the payment slip it says; Registro Federal de Contribuyente (RFC), CURP, father's last name, mother's last name, first name, second name.  For the last 26 years by law, all my legal documents use father and mother's last name.   The agent said it had to appear as it does on my passport.  Fine, I can change it but don't treat me like shit.  I started to see scenes from the immigration video that went around recently from Spain.

Okay, I drove 50 kms back to the bank the same day and they were able to fix it.  The next day (yesterday) I went and got up to the counter with everything in order.  The guy who helped me was very nice and he said it should take a week to get the new ID.  Let's see what happens.

As a side note, I have nothing better to do but pester people.  I purposely left some things blank to see if they will catch it and reject my application.   My reasoning will be that the agent asked for the documents, reviewed them, and I see him as responsible.   Nothin' like yankin' a chain. 

I have to say, the system is truly streamlined now.   They are doing a good job here in Monterrey.   I will be checking on line everyday for updates from the office to see if everything is going well.  They will notify me on their webpage with a special code and password they gave me.


  1. I have had a much easier time in Europe than I ever had in Mexico. I think the history between the two countries plays into it. You are very brave and will continue to send you good thoughts.

  2. Back to your previous post, where you wondered about the cable with the fuse....was Chuck's comment (the post with the battery pix)relevant or helpful?

  3. Chuck, your post helped. I'm still not there yet. What I am finding is that the green wire with the fuse is tied into the black cable on other Funfinders as a breaker for the 12V. I hope to get the batteries this week and will attempt to hook up with out the green wire until I get some more info. Thanks for the help. It is appreciated.