Monday, June 6, 2011

Tomorrow The Caravan Arrives

Tomorrow the caravan with Sicilia arrives.  He is the Mexican poet whose son was killed by organized crime.  He is pursuing the issue by taking a caravan from Mexico City to SLP, Monterrey, Saltillo and then ending up in Ciudad Juarez.

We will join the march tomorrow around 17:30 in the main plaza downtown.  More and more people are coming forward, looking for answers and solutions.  There are many proposals on the board.  New spots are appearing on television warning Mexico's youth of the dangers of participating with the delinquents.  Finally.

More on that tomorrow, I am taking my camera with me.

The weather continues to be hot and the yard is really taking a beating.  The watering continues but sometimes it seems futile.  As I said I fertilized last week in hopes the roots will retain more water.  Wait and see.

The rv is getting closer to ready for the big trip south.  This week they will give an estimate on the shower doors.  I am purchasing the batteries on Thursday.   I will be working in Guadalajara on Friday and Saturday at a convention.  I am hoping to take a bus to the rv park where we will be working for the month of July.  Can't wait. 

I need to figure out my battery hookup though.  I've got three wires.  One white, one black and one green with a built in fuse. 


  1. Since you only mention 3 wires at battery, I then would assume you have the plug with 7 wires that plug into tow vehicle.
    I would say that the white is probably ground or negative. If you have an ohm meter, or
    continuity checker, put one lead on white wire and other to trailer frame. If you get a full reading or referred to as dead short, it is probably the negative wire.
    The green with the fuse could go to the emergency brake breakaway switch, the thing with the cable that hooks to tow vehicle. Find a wire that goes to that and do another continuity check. If that checks out then green goes to Positive of battery, to give voltage to brakes on trailer in case it becomes unhooked from tow.
    You need to pull that pin occasionally to make sure it works, having someone listen at brakes for a slight clunk.
    If all previous check out, then the black would be feed / charge from the converter panel inside rig to positive battery. With a long wire from that panel positive to black at battery using the continuity again would prove it, if your reading a dead short.
    Do this without the rig being plugged into 110 volts.
    Hope this helps.

    Chuck from