Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Reader Provides A Solution

I've been saying lately that I get into trouble when we are not on the road.  Well, a reader and good rving friend, Croft and his lovely wife Norma, are nearby and heading north.  They suggested we get together this weekend.   Sounds like a lovely idea to me.   

I invited them to take the route from San Roberto to Linares and then meet us at our resort club Monte Sur.  We have some passes that we can use and we will beat the Semana Santa crowd by a week.  

They plan on arriving sometime Saturday so we will take the rv down in the morning before the morning rush from Monterrey south starts.   I have a feeling we will review the winter trips and hopefully grill some fish.  Norma is an excellent cook although I am not looking for her to cook by paying that compliment.

So, my problem is solved and just in the nick of time.  Today it has rained with out stopping.  We need the water but it kept me from doing much. 

Now I am kicking myself for not having bought the charge controller,  Croft could have helped me.  Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.   Here's to a great weekend!


  1. How fun! Wish we could join you guys! A nice way for C and N to finish off their Mexico travels! Hi to them for us!

  2. Are you back on alcohol? Just asking.