Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lazy Saturday

I guess my age is catching up with me.  Dealing with large groups of teenagers is not easy especially for six hours at a time non-stop.  I never sit down except for the 30 minute lunch break.   I get to the school at eight o'clock and finish by 4 p.m.  It is a long day and to do it three days in a row is even harder.  The pay is good and I think it keeps me young and out of trouble.

Yesterday coming home took some effort.  After I finished at the school, I headed for FexX to scan my reports, send them off and then drop off the extra materials at the storage we have there.  By that time, it was rush hour in McAllen.   What messed up city.   None of the lights are synchronized and you sit at the intersection for up to five minutes and nothing is happening.   They should take a look at what we have done in Monterrey.  Traffic is in constant motion with our program of complejo vial.   The idea is to keep cars moving at all times.  No cars coming, the light changes and send traffic moving.  The other estupidez is the speed limit.   Most of the streets in McAllen and the RGV are wide avenues with speed limits of 45 to 55 mph.  Truly a good idea and amazing to boot.  But people drive 35 in a 45 or 50 zone.   Drives me nuts.

I get to the border bridge and all the Mexicans who work on the U.S. side are heading home to Reynosa.  Traffic jam.  I get across the border and it is now 6 p.m. and Mexicans are getting off work.  Traffic jam.  I make it to the autopista and finally I am on my way home listening to some soft jazz and watching an incredible sunset.

Today, absolutely nothing.   Too pooped to pop.   I did some odds and ends around the house and took a long nap.   By tomorrow I should be back to normal.  We will head to San Antonio on Wednesday to get the carpet replaced and the A/C serviced on our rental.  

I'm watching the news about the possibility of having a black' pope.  Let's see how that sets with some people.   I am anxious to see what happens.  I truly believe the pope discovered the situation with the church is much bigger than he had hoped and can no longer cope with the situation.  However, I don't think he should have stepped down.  It's not part of the job description.   It is a job for life.   I like tradition and don't like seeing it broken.   Maybe if they stripped him of his privileges and just gave him his retirement, that I could understand. 


  1. Basically, thats what was done...considering all of the church's pedophilia problems that he was instrumental in hiding for so long.

  2. I wish some ambitious legal firm could start a world wide class action suit of every living person who was ever abused by a priest and take the church for every penny, peso, lira they have! Melt the gold off every one of their idols and chop the popemobile down into parts. Take everything! It is nothing but a centuries old pedophilia club.

  3. On a lighter note.... What ever happened with your RV solar project?

  4. Croft...too funny.

    And yeah, where does the RV solar project stand?