Thursday, March 7, 2013

Had A Bad Start

Before leaving yesterday morning, having had everything hooked up and ready to go, I did a tire inspection only to find a bubble in one of the tires.  We took off and found a vulka to change it, we had to wait about 45 minutes.   As we got into Monterrey proper, Juan remembered he had forgotten his folder with all his check stubs, phone bills, etc. that he needs to prove solvency at the border to get his permit even though he has a visa.

I pulled into a gas station and he took a taxi home and back.  We lost an hour there.   Finally on the road and into Laredo, the bridges are backed up due to the budget cuts.  No agents, long lines.   If you are coming to the border prepare yourselves for possible long wait times.

One piece of good news.  The Garcia's restaurant on the highway between Saltillo and Laredo now sells the Texas Tag chip for the toll highways in Texas.  If you cross at the Colombia bridge, this would save you time on the TT255 that goes to the northern side of the I-35N.  

I gave in at Pearsall, Tx last night around 6:30.   I couldn't make it the next hour and half.  Nice little park next to the Texas Stop Sign (Dairy Queen).  The woman said it was $25.  I asked if she took cards, she said cash only.   I said that I might have a twenty and she said, "sold".  Perfect.   Level, good electric, one tv channel.  We had a beer and called it a night.  

We are at McDonald's having our senior coffee and using the wifi.  We should be in San Antonio around 10 a.m.  More later.  We may just park at our tenant's driveway.


  1. Yikes! What a day! Guess it was pretty frustrating - at least a good place to overnight. You'll be not too far from us!

  2. Do you always do a tire check? Or was it a little voice reminding you to check. Either way good thing you checked.