Friday, March 15, 2013

Challengers For Freedom

This first came to my attention a couple of months ago when my brother jokingly sent me a YouTube video of a guy who attempted to pass through the northern immigration checkpoints within the U.S.  I am talking about that checkpoint we all pass through after having passed the Mexico/U.S. border where we are grilled by U.S. Customs and Border agents about our nationality, what we are bringing back, where we have been and where we are going.  Being treated almost as if we all are terrorists until otherwise determined.

A new group of freedom fighters has emerged on the scene.  Those are the people who approach these border checks which by law should be 21 miles north of the Mexican border but many are located as far north as 100 miles.  As they enter the "zone" and are asked about their nationality, they refuse to answer the question and ask permission to proceed with their trip.

This has been going on since about 2008 and now YouTube is being flooded with more and more videos that are shot from the passengers cars.   Many are eventually waved on having completely frustrated the DHS officers.  On the other hand, some have turned to tragedy as the person's car is broken into by the agents, tazing the person or persons, dragging them out of the car and beating them severely.

But why is this occuring and why is it so important.  For starters,  these checkpoints in some way are illegal as they are positioned within the country and not at the border.  That said, where is the DHS, Customs and Border patrol at the border where they legally can patrol, check and scrutinize each person who crosses the border?   What this tells me is that the U.S. government has not been able to do their job properly and efficiently.  Why are there 12 million illegal persons in the U.S.?  Because the borders are not secure and not well-protected.  The government chooses to waste taxpayer money in frivolous fights overseas that will never be won by just one country.   Problems in Afghanistan, Iran and Syria are best resolved by many nations for which we have the United Nations.   Bring our troops home to defend their country and continent and face issues that affect us here in the Americas.  I have always said, clean your own house before thinking about cleaning someone else's.

Some may find this trivial and can't understand why it would be so simple to just answer the question:  Are you an American citizen?  But why are we being asked if we are already in our own country or are here legally?  This is what the DHS, Customs and Border Patrol are supposed to do at the border with Mexico, Canada, and all other points of entry.  However, it is not being done and if it is, not being done well.  Remember some famous freedom fighters who challenged the government and the constitution:  Paul Revere, Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Mary McLoud Bethune.

We are now being faced with the use of drones here within the U.S. and Mexico (not sure about Canada), so small they mimic dragon flies and carry cameras to spy on us.  How much more of big brother are we going to allow before one day, very soon, we wake up and ask ourselves, how did we become a fascist society?

I am writing this in response to an excellent article complete with videos that appears in today's Huffington Post and written by Jacob Huffington who by chance lives in Laredo, Tx and has first-hand experience with what is happening.

Each time we cross the border, and now either way we ourselves are subjected to several checks.   Why am I being asked if I am a U.S. citizen or if I am here legally if I just crossed the border and you have already checked my vehicle, at times my person, my papers, and my belongings?  Funny, and now they are allowing knives on airplanes.  Doesn't make sense.

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