Thursday, March 28, 2013

They Finally Came!

Today is Jueves Santo and sure enough, more people showed up.  Last night we saw quite a few cars come in and when I went for my walk down to the lake, I could see it was people who have cabins here.  It started out to be a quiet morning and then they moved in to the palapas.  Most of them are young kids in groups and so far they are pretty-well behaved.  Lots of them are barely sixteen and drinking beer, one girl threw up at six p.m. so that is probably a sign it will be quiet tonight, early to bed!

The security guards make rounds on their motorcycles and don't hesitate to stop at a palapa and ask them to turn their music down.  I may sound like a stick in the mud, and the truth will out, I am!  I like the outdoors and loud music just doesn't mesh.

Over at the pool area there is a snack bar, and the owner of the concession opened a hot dog and hamburger stand.  I was doing some work in the palapa on my laptop when Norma walked by and said she was getting a burger.  I finished my work and I got a pup, pretty good wrapped in bacon.  Juan had two empalmes, which are two tortillas doradas, with cheese, desebrada and beans.   They looked  pretty good.

Everyday I go for a five km walk, I started to do it morning and evening and then the evenings became early happy hour.   Maybe tomorrow I will do both again.

So we are happily installed here and it is pretty tranquilo.

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  1. You can camp by us anytime and be HAPPY!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico