Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mucho Para Contar (Alot To Talk About)


Where to start.  The forest fire continues and out of control.  Mexicans in general are a bit self-centered, but in times of disaster, emergency, national mourning, Mexicans really pull together and show their true colors.  We have Proteccion Civil, the new police force, military, and local yocals are pitching in together to fight this fire.  I am watching the news right now and the fire is getting closer to our little town.   I just returned from Allende which is 20 kms from here.  I help out in a private school there once a month.   On the way back to the house, I had to stop along the highway.   Helicopters are circling around with their buckets, dipping into swimming pools in the area.   Those who know this area know we live very near a lake.  However, this fire is on the other side and by using swimming pools nearby, it is saving a lot of time.   The winds came today as I said yesterday.  So dry and hard, that I watched our back yard turn from green to brown in six hours.  The good news is that the winds have calmed down considerably and the air is cooling off.   So we are hoping that overnight the humidity moves up and helps to calm down the fire.   

Next bit of news is the death of Hugo Chavez.  I knew as of last Friday the end was near.   I never liked the guy.  In fact, when he was sent out his country on his private plane some 12 years ago, I was sitting in my hotel room in the Dominican Republic clapping and screaming.  Only to find out later, he returned.  I despise the man as a facsist pig.  On the other hand, he was a human being and I am sad to see anyone suffer from such a terrible disease.  My heart goes out to his family and friends.   

I have the trailer hooked up and ready to go for tomorrow.   With the winds down to almost nothing, I don't foresee any problems on the road.  We will head north and cross through Laredo.   I am hoping to get a head start from rush hour traffic by leaving as close to six a.m. as possible.   I will report from San Antonio when access to the internet permits.

My trip to the dermotologo was painful to say the least.   A complete physical exam came up with nothing but my small pinhead sized warts under my armpit and confirmed that the small cancer on my back was really nothing more than a small mole and lots of my imagination.  I have scheduled an appointment for the end of next week when we return to remove the warts via surgery.   This guy is great, he is middle-aged, in great shape, uses all his tools of the trade on himself which isn't common for a doctor.  I hate going to a doctor that is overweight and smokes.  He did a complete facial peel and increased the quantity of acid.   While he was applying it and I was practically screaming outloud, I asked him how his female patients do.  He said, "oh they come every month without complaint".   So I bit the bullet.   Not so bad now that I am applying the cream he gave me.  Smooth as a baby's bottom.   :)  More to come!

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  1. Fire is scary when you are surrounded. We have so many fires in Kelowna during the summer and are use to the helicopters taking water our of the lake right in front of our home.

    Had the facial peel once and NEVER again. I reacted so badly that my face broke out in horrid painful sores. I would rather have the sun spots on my face!