Monday, March 4, 2013

The Hills Are On Fire

A bit of an exageration, but we do have a pretty good forest fire going nearby.  It is about four miles from here and we can see it.  The surrounding mountains are hazy with smoke.   The humidity has dropped and we are expecting high winds tonight and tomorrow.   I just watched the weather in the Rio Grande Valley and they have issued warnings as well. 

We head out Wednesday morning and the winds, if they are still blowing, usually don't pick up until later in the morning so it should give us a good head start if we pull out around 6 a.m.

As for the inverter, would it help if I used the left over cable from the solar install for the inverter making new cables with ring connectors?  Of course that will be if there is enough after installing the charge controller.  I have plugged the rv into the inverter before, but that was when it was outside on the hitch.  Now that it will be installed inside a cabinet, how do I connect the rv cable to the inverter?  Or is there something I'm not understanding.

I have been looking for YouTube videos for installing an inverter connecting it to the converter so all the outlets are live but the videos are mostly about inverters.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment with a dermotologist.  I have a couple of small warts to  remove and some marks on my face I want taken off.  Plus, I need a skin cancer exam anyway.  I guess that is primary.


  1. Kevin is better on this than me but I would use heavier cable to the inverter, maybe #4 or #6 if the run is short and like Kevin said yesterday, keep those cables short as voltage drops quickly as cables get longer. I also fused the positive cable to my inverter. Use a big fuse in a holder.

    To get from the inverter to the RV power cable you might want to drill a hole and run a (short as possible) heavy duty extension cord from the inverter to the power bay where the cable is. Harbor Freight sells inexpensive, heavy extension cords. Seal the hole with a tube of silicone to keep critters out.

  2. Sorry, the size of the fuse is determined by the size of the inverter.

  3. I've got #4 welding cable running from the batteries to the inverter. Croft is right...a heavy duty, short extension cord from your trailer power cord to the inverter will work.

  4. Good luck with your dermatologist appointment. In addition to no longer drinking you will now have to stay out of the sun. no fun!

  5. Chris... We had a "fun" visit to your city of Monterry. Details are on my blog..