Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Doesn't Feel Like Semana Santa!


It isn't the kind of Semana Santa we are used to.   It is raining and this morning it was 6C.  The park were we are staying is empty for the most part and the three swimming pools are idle.  No one has opened the pool tobogan slides, the snack bar wasn't open this morning either.  What a bummer.  

The good news is that Croft and Norma are here and we keep each other company with meals, walks, happy hour and our usual conversations.  To be quite honest, this is probably the best Semana Santa ever.  No people or noise!!!!  I know I am pretty much a party pooper but hey, I like it quiet.  I have been going for long walks in the morning and may take one this afternoon.  

Here is our spot where we are parked, we are across from the swimming pools and palapas.

I took this picture yesterday as it was already getting cold and wet, no one in sight.   It is supposed to continue cold and rainy today and tomorrow getting warmer over the weekend.


  1. It's raining here in Sevilla, Spain as well.... processions canceled... bummer! I'm like you in that I prefer the peace and quiet... BUT... really hope it clears up and the festivities continue as this may be a once in a lifetime thing for us.

  2. I hope that noone has taken over our chile light microphone. I just couldn't bear it!
    The temps are perfect here at Hacienda. Happy hur here was grand! The only thing missing are you four.
    Enjoy your time together. Cold or hot, the most important thing is friends together.
    Salud, amigos!

  3. Sat outside today with Shelagh and enjoyed the first real warm rays with a glass of Chardonnay. Spring has arrived in Vancouver, BC.