Sunday, March 24, 2013

Meeting Friends In Montemorelos

We took off yesterday morning for our little resort about 40 minutes from town.  Stopped for tacos, gas LP and off we went.  We arrived at Monte Sure about 11 a.m., got all set up and then waited for Croft and  Norma to show up.   They got here around 4 p.m.  Soon we were all set up and sitting in our palapa watching kids in the pool, people cooking and having fun.

Norma and Juan fixed dinner in their rig.  Good eats as always.  We went for a night swim after everyone left the pool area.  Drinks were in order and a lot of good conversation.  We also gave them a short tour of the place and we ended up later at the bonfire they have here every night this week with live music and a show.  

I'm cutting this short because our wifi signal is a bit weak.  Here are a few pics.  We will stay here for a few days even though the weather is changing to cold and cloudy.


  1. It is always fun with you guys. The weather has taken a turn for the worse but we really can't complain. It has been great weather here this year. I will be in the pool again tonight regardless.

  2. Chris you are going to have to block "Anonymous" comments!

    Wishing the 4 of you great times. Make some memories.