Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gaining Ground

It  turned out to be a productive day.  Carpet man is coming Monday afternoon.  The house is painted inside, menos the living room but that will be  done tomorrow.  The a/c guy was really champ.  He cleaned the unit inside, removed the blower and cleaned it.   He cleaned and serviced the outside unit and compressor and the hall intake was full of crap.  He worked from 9:30 until 1 p.m.   150 dollars for everything.   The a/c started cooling even better than before.  Oh, and he also eliminated the condensation pump which never worked very well anyway, and put in a drain pipe where gravity does the work.  Why that wasn't done originally we'll never know.   What a deal.

The fence man came and gave an estimate to repair the chain-link and also close off the backyard from the front.  Things are looking up. 

We stopped by Discount Tire to get an estimate on tires for the travel trailer.  We bought two last year and we need two more this trip and we will be good to go for quite awhile.  The charge controller is on standby waiting for me to make a decision.  Still not sure what to do.

Tomorrow is a free day and I plan on going out for some exercise and relaxing the rest of the day.  I don't know if anyone is a breadmaker machine fan, but I think I found a good one used for next to nothing.  It looks complete and includes the manuel.   I will check the price on Monday.  I always wanted one.  This one is a Breadmaker TS445 if anyone know about them, please let me know.

I will post pics of the livingroom this week once all the work is done.

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