Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lots Going On Here

I'm still in McAllen.  Tomorrow afternoon I will head back home.  I wanted to stop by Corpus on my way to San Antonio and visit with Wendy.   Problem is, my couchsurfing requests were not met for San Antonio so I need to return home and get the rv.  We may take off for Texas next week.  The month of March is free for both of us so we might as well hit the road.  We have to get stuff done on the rental.  

Two things;  John commented that the takeover was American by U.S. Air, right on.  I made a goof there, not sure what I was thinking.  Rick says I'm getting spammed.  What a nightmare!  I have reported them, hit the spam key, sent a couple of them emails and to no avail.

My TomTom GPS is worthless, it sends me on wild goose chases, changes it's mind in route, loses satelite signal at the worst times and then takes routes that are not logical.  Time for a change.

Okay, so the big news here in the valley the corruption scandals.  One that has been brewing was a judge who had been receiving bribes from lawyers as far north as Austin.  Convicted and sentenced now, one of them who lives here took a taxi at 3 a.m. in the morning from Brownsville to SPI.  As they crossed the causeway he asks the driver to stop because he feels sick.  He gets out and jumps to his death into the icy waters.  They found his body late this afternoon.  Supposedly the southwest is riddled with corruption at all levels.  

I listened to callers on a local radio show as they told their stories of bribery and corruption within local, state and federal departments here in the valley including utilities and water boards.  Truly amazing that most Americans can't believe they live in a corrupt society much like the rest of the world.  Drugs, human smuggling, contraband, the list goes on.  Corruption cases are up among border and customs agents. 

They made a big to do out of the people who are missing in Mexico this week on the news.  What they don't mention is that most of those were involved in the trade and now may have been found but cannot be identified.  Also not mentioned, are the tens of thousands of missing persons in the U.S.  Why do they always leave that part out?

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