Monday, February 18, 2013

Off to New York!

Noon time and here we are, checked in and waiting for our flight.  No problems so far other than when I did my check out with Mexican immigration, the guy stamped my passport.  I don't like that because it can fill up too fast before renewal.

We had to drink our V8 before going into security but we kept our sandwiches and chips for the flight.  We have our seats that we selected and the flight to Chicago is a smaller aircraft.  Who cares, we're having fun and I won't complain.

The cats are pissed off at us and I am sure when we get back on Sunday we will get the cold shoulder.  They have run of the house sans bedrooms, music, lights, lots of fresh water and food.  I asked them to hold back on pizza deliveries while we're gone because they can't wrap up the leftovers and to take keep the bird feathers outside.  No response.

More from Chicago this afternoon when we get there.

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  1. Your comment about your cats reminded me of the time Bill & I got back from a 2 week trip to Germany... our bedroom was FULL of bird feathers... you'd have thought someone shook open a feather pillow in there. Our cat was SO pissed she must have brought in a bird a day (she never brought in birds when we were at home). I'll have to read back on your blog... didn't know y'all were headed for the Big Apple. Wish you were staying longer... you could catch up with our daughter. Have a great time!