Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Talk About Making Someone Feel Bad


I drove up to the CostCo here in Pharr to get gas for tomorrow and stopped by Walmart.  While I was there I thought I would get my blood pressure checked.  There was an older man there already so I decided to wait.  He finished, got up and said, "129 over 89, not bad for a guy who's 90".   So I asked him what his secret was, and he said it was the señoritas.  He then kicked his leg up to waist level and laughed.

I stuck my arm in the cuff and the machine started.  He waited and watched only to say, "holy cow".  My pressure was 148 over 89.   I am on medication but it isn't enough.   Exercise doesn't seem to do much and the only vice I can see giving up now is alcohol.   I am going to do it for two weeks to see if there is any change.

On another note, gas prices have really gone up in the U.S.  The price at Costco is 3.45 a gallon.  The average street price is 3.59 and diesel is 3.99.   Mexico is still running about 3.25 a gallon.  We were thinking about a trip for the month of March in the U.S. but maybe we will wait until summer when we do our New Mexico plan for three months.

I am still convinced that in the U.S. the best way to bring down gas prices is to shop around.   Many rvers on different forums say they won't drive a few miles out of the way to save a few pennies.   I think that is the problem.  Many Americans nickel and dime consumer goods prices to death but when it comes to fuel they don't bat an eye.   Maybe if we did, prices would come down.  Afterall, if oil is so expensive, and the cost of production so high, why is it that prices can vary as much as .20 a gallon in a 25 mile stretch of the RGV along Hwy 83?  It is what people are willing to pay.  Boycotts don't work, but shopping around does. 


  1. Giving up alcohol for 2 weeks! You must be concerned. Do what you have to do and know that I realize how tough this decision is. Good luck.

  2. Does that include vodka?

    I have always been amazes by Americans and gas prices. You can have gas stations right across the street from each other charging 15 - 20 cents a gallon different but there are just as many card at each.

    In Bakersfield, CA a couple of years ago a gas station at the highway exit was charging $1 per gallon more than you could get it for further off the highway. He still had cars at the pump.

  3. I have an app on my iPhone that gives all the gas prices in any area desired. Usually it defaults to a 5 mile radius of where I am. Or you can input 10 miles or whatever.
    What is interesting is the prices are always lower where the access is tougher like adjacent to a freeway on-ramp where there is heavy traffic. If the gas station is in a convenient part of town with easy access the prices are much higher.
    Also, it seems prices vary according to the smarts of the local community. Beverly Hills seems to have lower prices then the barrio or lower income areas. Such is "free enterprise."

  4. Chris, you are getting spammed on your comments.