Sunday, February 17, 2013

Packing Day

What a weekend.  Even though we are getting ready for your trip, we went to a fantastic birthday party last night.  My friend Clara celebrated her XX birthday this week and her family threw a big bash for her.  They rented a place for the party complete with live music, dinner, drinks and dancing and that is what we did.   Believe it or not, I stayed until 1:15 a.m.   Needless to say, today was  a day  rest although I was finishing up some editing work I had pending and the packing process.   United wouldn't let me print our boading passes and I think it is because one of us is a foreigner.  Gotta watch those foreigners going into the U.S.  We have our shuttle passes ready from LaGuardia to Central Park.  

Last  night we stayed at what I call our "time share" in Monterrey.  We have had access to the house now for three years.  It is in a gate community which is not located in the nicest part of town but once inside you would never know.  It is conveniently located.   Sometimes I think we should buy it, we pretty much do all the upkeep and maintenance which really isn't much.  I still like Monterrey and we have family and friends there.  It has become a very concrete city and very congested.  I guess using it as a timeshare is the best idea.

I'll post pictures of the view from the house later.  It really is something.  Anyway, back to packing.