Friday, February 15, 2013

Eating My Words - Munch, Munch

As I said, I stormed off to the presidencia municipal and along with my soap box.   The new administration has been at work since November 1st and it took a lot for me to go there knowing the rejection I have received in the past.

I asked to speak to someone in obras publicas about our road.   It has really gotten tired and the holes were getting so wide and so deep.  When I walked in to the offices I could see what they had been working on the last two years.  The place now looks like a museum and rightly so but not when my road looks like s---.  I gave the girl my ID and explained my problem and that nothing had been done for years even though I had made more than 12 visits in the last three years.  

She said she would take me to the representative and off we went down the hall.   In the hallway she stopped to say good morning to someone.   That someone was the representative.   She took me to her office with that dreaded "OMG, a gringo, I hope I can understand him".   Once I started talking she loosened up and we had a nice chat.   Well, I wasn't nice but I didn't bang my hand on the desk like last time.  She whispered in a soft voice, "we are a new administration, things are different".  I thought she was whispering because she knew she was feeding a some bull manure.   She filled out a form, which was a new thing for me, and put down all the information.  She said I would have an answer in two weeks.   We shook hands and off I went with my little form in my hand that I thought I would use for something else later.

I shrugged all this off thinking that was the end of that.   Yesterday, I got up and  went to the gym.   On my way home I saw a truck from the city and shook my head.   As I turned the corner to our street I about pee'd down both legs.  There was a bulldozer grading the street.   They worked all day yesterday and today.  Now, it isn't like a paved road but it did clean it up about 80%.   It is very dusty and won't last long when the rains come but they did do something and do it fast.

On my way to the bank I decided to pay the a visit and thank them.  The woman I talked to was sitting at the reception filling during lunch hour for the receptionist.  When she saw me she had a scared look on her face.  I stuck my hand out and over the counter and shook hers.   I told her I had renewed confidence in my local government and that the work was done today.   A smile beamed on the woman's face knowing she had proven me wrong.  She said, "you see, I told you things were going to get better".

I walked out, munch, munch, munch.

BTW,  saludos to our friends Bill and Mo. They are starting off on a South America trip for a month.   I hope they have fun.  They are "real" fulltimers.   Bill can correct me but they have been fulltiming for over 15 years.  We met them here in Santiago and again in San Antonio about a year ago.  I keep telling Bill he needs a blog and now it really looks like he does.  Go for it Bill.

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