Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back In Mi Casa
Always good to be back home.  I spent the night with our good friend Rodrigo last night.  Rodrigo is from Monterrey and has lived in Mission, Tx for over 15 years.   He has a mobile home he remodeled himself and it is very nice.   We went out for tacos last night, just like at home, and spent the evening talking about everything under the sun.  I slept well and got up early. I had a ton of work to do before I left town.  I had a text revision to complete and send to Mexico City, my reports and cash that I collected from the schools.  It is hard to work out of a Kinko's FedX office.  Every move costs you something.  It's part of the job though as I don't live in Texas and we can't send FedX ground and charge it to the company.  Plus, where else can I go in the U.S. to use the internet, scan, make copies, etc.?  Not like here at home where they charge you a few pesos for all that work and here it can cost up to 15 dollars for a half hour's work.

Yesterday I had a group of 30 students, the smallest ever.  Although it is on the outskirts of Corpus, they are mostly rural kids who live on the farm but close to the city.  Best behaved group I have ever met.  Pulling into the parking lot, I was hit by a woman who was in a hurry to drop off her kid.  She hit my side mirror and the glass part fell out.   We talked for a second and we agreed all was well.  It was hit before and super-glued back on.   I have more glue so no big deal.   The school staff were tremendous.  They loved talking about Mexico and that they all had relatives there and are so anxious to go back.  I told them, "Mexico is waiting for you".  They were so happy.  I had a fun day and as I said the kids were great.   I still can't believe how old I am!  Can it be real? 

I couldn't take pictures of the kids so here is the auditorium as I found it before they arrived.  Dark, quiet, and all mine.

Not sure why, but I love to take pics of my hotel rooms.   I always do a cursory inspection of the matress for bedbugs.  We don't have them in Mexico.  Why?  Because we don't have stupid laws that prohibit the use of chemicals when needed for such a scurge.   We still smoke the bastards.   Better to have an allergic reaction than have to strip your household of all clothes, furniture, carpets, etc. and then have to super-heat the place and spend upward of 10,000 dollars to clean your house of them.

 Looks like rain here in Monterrey.  The super storm is headed for the east coast and I hope it is all over and done with before we take off for New York.

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  1. Welcome back to Mexico! Hooray! New York is right around the corner. You two will have such a great time. Have fun planning! xo xo