Monday, February 4, 2013

Trip Preparations
We started out yesterday having problems with making reservations on line.  Lots of credit card issues in terms of security issues that delayed the process.  OGM, they don't make it easy anymore.  But we got the job done and I hope we can use miles to upgrade to first class at least on one leg of the trip.  

I found a CityPass for New York, 89 dollars, that covers
Sounds like a deal unless someone knows of something else.  I think the general plan is to visit  friends, sightsee during the day, dinner out at night or a Broadway or Off-Broadway show.  We only have a week, but that should be a enough to get a taste of the Big Apple.  We can always go back on our two year 10,000 mile North America tour which will take us from Laredo to; Miami, Nova Scotia, across Canada to Vancouver, down to San Diego and back to Laredo.

Today I worked with a group of 130 eighth graders at the Pharr Civic Center.  Man oh man, was that a job.  Good kids but more energy than I have seen in more than forty years.  It was fun though and they gave me a run for my money.  

Tomorrow I head to Corpus Christi for a day and return Wednesday night to McAllen and home on Thursday for a week long rest.

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  1. Little known fact is that the delegates dining lounge in the United Nations building is open to the public. You have to make reservations and go through a ton of security, but the price and the food make it well worth the effort! We went for brunch about 13 years ago. They say the food is the same as what you would get in the Waldorf Astoria, but at half the price.