Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lazy Weekend Recovery

Spent a lazy weekend here at home.  On Friday, I went to the school in Allende where I help out the English department when I am in town.   Came home and collapsed, tired and still suffering from sinus problems.   Saturday I stayed in the house and slept off and on.

We were able to find a website that is showing season five of Breaking Bad.   We are happy about that but want to stretch out the eight episodes that are in the season.  We are watching one every night.  The last season we had we watched the whole thing in two days.   Man is it a good show!

Today I woke up early and read for awhile.   Then I thought to myself, "self, I'm feeling better".   I started breakfast, and after I found myself back to sleep.   I don't like feeling like this.   As you can see from the picture up above, family came to visit and thie kids worked on getting the telescope back together.   Some one last year fiddled with it, one of the kids I'm sure so Valeria and Gerardo worked at getting it back together.  Good job but now it is all backwards.  Not a big deal, they are going to read up on how a telescope works and then come back again.  They should learn something from the experience.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a good week with lots of stuff to do around here.  Taxes, reports, and a few bills to pay so we are free to enjoy our week in NYC, we leave next Monday the 18th.  We are pretty excited and I can't wait just to get away and let someone else do all the driving and work.   That is the fun of flying once in awhile.  Don't get me wrong, I'd like to work my way up the east coast with the rv, staying along the beaches.

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  1. Don't forget to take your long juans to NYC--it can be very cold there! Have fun.