Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Lady - NYC Day Three

What a fun day.   Best part is, we didn't have to spend any money.  All the things we did were no cost.  We bought a pass for the subway and buses for 29 dollars, 7 days.   It was cold and rainy but it didn't matter.   Everywhere we went the venues were heated.   The ferry was heated, the upper floors of the subway stations too.  We took the ferry to Staten Island which is free.   We had a blast walking around the ship, three floors of people, the ferry holds 3500 people.    Amazing how many people can fit on the ferry.  We passed old Liberty and the immigration building.  What a sight to see.

Walking to the ferry we passed Wall St and the big bull.  I stopped into Chase and Citi asking what happened to my money.

 Immigration building.
 We got lucky again and got free passes to the WTC Memorial.  Too many names, just pick one off the wall and do some research on the internet.  They had a life, a family, they were real and it is hard to look in that gaping hole and think that it was once a towering monument.  So sad.
 Soaring high among the buildings.

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  1. What you didn't get to ring the bell to open the market! You might like the free 45 minute tour of the Federal Reserve Bank, you actually get to see all the vaults of gold being held for countries all over the world.