Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Making Trip Preparations


With the coming of Semana Santa,  I posted this on Facebook to encourage our Mexican friends to get out and camp.  This was taken in 2011 with Kevin and Ruth.  We had a great time there, some interesting events as well.   Potrero Chico, Nuevo Leon.  We truly live in a beautiful state and this place is only an hour from Monterrey.   So much to see and do in Mexico.

The days are counting down for our trip to New York.  One thing I forgot and I hope it isn't too late is to upgrade to first class with our miles.   I need to choose the longest leg of the trip to get the most out of it.   Lots to celebrate, not only is it Juan's 55th but it is our 28th.  OMG!  Where did all the time go?????

I sent a mail to my siblings about Juan's birthday and our trip.  One of my brothers sent a message with some good tips and places to eat, one being an Indian restaurant that he had seen on a food show.  He said not only was the food and service excellent, the owner who he had seen on the tele, came and chatted with them as if he knew them.  He said it was a real highlight of their trip.  BTW, m brother Ray is a marine biologist whose articles have appeared in not only in scientific papers around the world but also in NatGeo.   Pretty well-known for his work with shrimp.  Here is his website: Doctor Ray Bauer.    He is responsible for getting me on my life path.  Out of high school, I didn't know what to do with my life.   He invited me out to California and that was the beginning.  Who knows where I would have ended up.

We pretty much have the sights picked out that we want to see.  We will be staying a few blocks from Central Park with a good friend of ours that Juan worked with while at Ohio Northern.  I wanted to get tickets to SNL, but it looks like standby only.   I guess we can give it a try.

My good friend and Mexico writer who lives in the Big Tamal did an excellent write up on outdoor cafes focusing on coffee shops.  Mexico City is a haven for not only outdoor cafes, but excellent coffee shops, not only franchise but some pretty good private shops as well.  Check out his article:

Inside Mexico City’s Coffee House Scene

Darren has lived in Mexico City for a few years now.  We first met teaching in the same company in Monterrey.  We have had some great conversations over the years.  Always open for a chat  politics, that's what I like.   I'm sorry he's not an rver


  1. Ya New York! Sign us up for the Coffee House Scene! Outdoor cafes?! Bring your parkas!

    Just CANNOT wait to see the pics! Hope we make it there one day!

    Yaaa to your brother!

  2. NYC is my most favorite place in the world. You do not go there to sleep but to experience the electricity. I am not giving you any suggestions as you have to figure it out for yourself. I think our to do's are different and why would you want to walk down the "diamond street' or go into Tiffany's just to buy anything to get the famous blue box, nor would you want to attend as much theatre as we do or go to the Rainbow room for a drink just because or attend a performance at Carnegie Hall. Enjoy whatever you do and you will be delighted.

    Many hugs,