Monday, February 25, 2013

Boy, What A Drive

Got up this morning pretty pooped after our travel day yesterday.  I didn't get to bed until about 10:30 and I was up this morning by 6 a.m.   I had done a load of wash last night to save time in packing.   It was hard getting started this morning but I managed to finish packing and got out the door on schedule.   I couldn't find an ATM that had any cash.  I guess Mexicans aren't as poor as many think.   I went to three different branches of our bank, and finally gave up.   I found money at the forth bank but it wasn't ours.  The car had sat for a week and was pretty dirty so I pulled into the car wash and the cashier didn't have any change.  Bummer.  Got the car washed and off I headed for McAllen.

I got about 45 minutes out of town on the toll road and all of a sudden it began.  A giant dust storm  started by heavy winds.   It whipped the car around for two hours.  Trailers were pulled over and hiding under bridges waiting it out.   I had originally decided to take the rv but after seeing the news online from New York I had a pretty good feeling it wasn't a good idea.  Had I taken the rv I would have turned back, no doubt.

The bridge crossing took about 45 minutes and the agent was friendly and let me pass.  He said he had never been to Mexico.  Funny isn't it, born and raised in McAllen, Hispanic and speaks Spanish.   Not even to Reynosa.   So close and yet cultures apart.  

Anyway, I'm here for the week and I have three seminars.   Tons of errands to run while I am here and I have one day free to get my revision work done.   I'm still trying to recover from New York.  We had a blast.

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