Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Something's Going On

Over the last three years the military moved in and built several outposts strategically located around the metro area and and in rural municipalities.  For those of you who have visited our house over the last few years, you have seen the one here on the highway down the street.   In the last month, the military has moved out and the new state police force has mtoved in.  They have painted over the military green and put up their own logos.  The one down the street took place this afternoon.  One group in and one group out while the painters scurried to get the new paint job up.

The new strategy seems to be in place.  We have about 1200 state police, but are short about 10,000 more statewide.   The pay is excellent and is competitive with global wages for this type of economy, 16,000 after taxes plus some very juicy benefits.  We need the police in the rural areas most, but the rural towns are so small very few people have the qualifications needed to apply and we can't afford to lower the standard for fear it will put us back again.

Overall, merchants, news media, and the general population seem to agree that since last year we have seen a significant improvement in the crime situation.  Let's hope it goes on.

On another subject, I was looking at interest rates in the U.S.  Can they really be so low?  What a mess.   As Derek said in a Facebook post, it looks like it could cause an implosion forming the beginnings of a collapse.   I'm still not sure about all this and watching the attitudes of those last night at presidential address.   So sad.


  1. Good news on the crime situation! Interest rates, not so good.

    Norma is always worried and said we should sell all our investments. Ha! My bank pays 0.9% interest. May as well bury it in the back yard.

  2. if you don't have a hotel in NYC yet, you might want to read this article:

    good luck.

  3. Hmmm, Croft, we do have some buried in the yard! honest we do.