Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Day Is It? - NYC

It's Saturday morning and I don't know where the time has gone.  Everyday is seems to pass before our eyes and we are out there on the streets by 8 a.m.   and back home for dinner or out for dinner and in bed by 10:30.   I have done extremely well until last night.  We took advantage of the Museum of Modern Art free Friday from 4-8 p.m., after that I finally pooped out.   

We had a full day yesterday.   Public library, MOMA, Grand Central Station, pictures on Broadway, lunch on the street, Lincoln Center, Julliard School, and on and on.   The subway is a real life saver.   We paid $29 each for a subway/bus pass.   We are in and out of there like you wouldn't believe.  It really works  and with the cold even if we go a few blocks we can utilize the subway by hopping on and going up one station and getting off and walking.

Grand Central Station was a real treat.  We walked around the  station, went down to the Concourse food level where they have a giant food park.   Excellent food and drinks at very reasonable prices.   We had coffee and hot chocolate with a great blueberry muffin for some change.   

 A truly amazing place.  Think of all the movies filmed here.  100 years of service.
Trains are constantly on the go!

We had a great lunch on the street.  They sell foods from all over the world on small carts, food trucks, bicycles.  They line up on a street outside a skyscraper and people come down for lunch.  We picked Greek food and ordered rice with chicken.  Sounds pretty plain but it was a huge plate of rice, with shredded chicken, salad and yogurt.   We split one and it was really enough for three.  Cost, $6!   You can' beat that, not even in Mexico.

The free day at MOMA is incredible.  The lines outside were two blocks long.  Well-organized, you get in line and conveniently there is a Starbuck's there where we bought a blonde coffee to keep warm.  The line started to advance quickly and before we knew it we had a ticket in hand and inside the museum.   Mass pandemonium.  All six floors crawling with people.  But we can say we saw it all.  Picasso, Cezanne, Frida Kahlo, Monet, Dali, all the greats.

Now it's off to the Guggenheim.   Let's see, we take the number 1 uptown to 96th St, walk across the street and take the M-96 through Central Park.  As we exit the park get off and walk three blocks.  Hey, I think we got it!

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  1. You really are fitting it all in. It's okay to be tired but get up and at it the next day. Now you know why they call it 'the city that never sleeps' . Grand Central is so full of energy, the Guggenheim will be more relaxing but different.