Sunday, February 24, 2013

Back Home and Off Again!

Just arrived back home.  Good trip overall except for the fact that United bought out Continental and United sucks big time.   People tell me there aren't monopolies in the U.S.  Por favor!  They closed our flight 10 minutes early even though they said there was no problem making our connection.  We got off the aircraft, talked to the gate attendant and she said that they were waiting for us and we still had 20 minutes to get there.  Wrong!  Gate closed, aircraft door closed, all they could say was it was company policy.  I gave up as I knew they hard me by the cajones.

All that aside, it was a great trip and we will make plans to go back to the Big Apple for a month hopefully this year.  Love, love, love New York.   Downside is that the infrastructure in the U.S. is suffering quite a bit and you can see it everywhere.  New Yorkers tell us the same, no more money.  Too bad, great country and great city.

Our flight from Newark to Houston was fab.  We took a 767-600.  I almost spent $175 plus miles to upgrade us to first class.  No need, that aircraft is really roomy.  Can you imagine, when we did the self-service checkin, the system asks if you want to pay for more leg room.  Isn't that a gas!   We had individual television screens with movies, games, television shows of all kinds.  Really something.  

Back to the United gripe, times on separate occasions we heard the crew complaining.  Once it was personally to us saying the takeover was a bad idea and has caused infighting between employees of Continental and United.  We even heard flight attendants walking through the airport in Newark talking about getting the shaft.  

Now American has taken over Southwest.  What next.  One national airline?  Tomorrow, off to McAllen for a week of work and back home on Friday.


  1. Nice to be home. GREAT trip! Thanks for the pictures for those of us who haven't been and may never be there. Sorry we can't visit at your place next week!

  2. American did not take over SouthWest.
    American was in Bankrupsy and got bought up by US Air.