Sunday, February 3, 2013

Back From Maz - On To McAllen
Wow, so busy and pooped I haven't updated the blog.   My trip to Mazatlan via Los Mochis and Culiacan was great.  I had a great driver who took wonderful care of me; good hotels, great equipment, arranged all the coffee breaks and food, and my personal meals.

We arrived to Mazatlan Thursday afternoon around 5:30.  First thing I did was get ahold of Colin and Contessa so we could meet up.  The bellman was leaving at 6 p.m. and overheard my conversation.  He offered me a ride to the embarcadero where I took a boat across the water to the Isla de Piedra.  C & C were there waiting for me as I got off the boat  and not only that they had a vodka waiting for me in the car.  

We went to their very cool beachfront rv site where we had drinks, chatted for a few hours, ate a fantastic dinner and then sat outside for a short bit before I left listening to some of the best guitar I have ever heard along with sound of the waves hiting the beach.
Friday was a long day.   I finished at 2 p.m. but we  didn't get off the ground until 6 p.m. and via D.F. onto Monterrey arriving at 11 p.m.  Time change and lack of flights from Maz to D.F.   But, I got home safe and sound.

Colin and Contessa in front of their beachfront home.

 Friday morning from my hotel room on the beach.

Last week while I was gone, our German friends from Hacienda Contreras came for a week long visit.   Peter and Barb drove from the south after a tour of Mexico City.   They are wonderful people and we really hit it off with them.  I didn't get to see them until Saturday morning but we spent the day and night together ending the day in front of the fireplace and talking about everything under the sun.  Juan set up the grill and we did steaks, chicken and sausage.   This morning Barb fixed breakfast, I packed and said goodbye.  It now appears we will be visiting Germany soon.

Our tickets are purchased for New York.  We take off from Monterrey on Sunday the 18th.  We looked at tickets from McAllen and San Antonio and the price difference wasn't enough of a deal so we are leaving direct from MonterreyGreat price, good seats, and wonderful travel times.  "Start spreadin' the news".   


  1. Aren't C&C great hosts? Nice you got to meet them.

    Hey, you will soon "wake up in the city that doesn't sleep"!

  2. WoW! I've been missing a lot! New York - lucky ducks! I hope you post pictures!

    You sure get around Chris - weren't you mentioning wanting to get to the beach - guess you did!