Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On The Road To Culiacan

Here I am in Culiacan. Staying at the tried and true San Marcos.  Beautiful rooms, always remodeled and up to date and a restaurant to rave about.   

I had a great day and a great group of interested teachers.   We started on time and all 100 showed up.   Quite a crowd although I like them bigger.  Many I know from previous courses over the years and they have fond memories of me.   We worked hard, had fun and laughed a lot.   Isn't that what learning is all about?

Here are some pics from my flight from D.F. to Los Mochis.  After all these years, the sheer size of Mexico City still amazes me and it continues to grow.

 This aircraft if the Embraer 190.  Pretty quiet interior but it really can pack 99 passengers into the cabin and that includes a first class cabin.   Full bar service but at only two hours there is no food service.  I sat next to a gringo from Florida, late thirties, dry as a bone.  Only answers I got were "yes" and "no".   I quit talking.  Get on a plane with a Mexican and by the end of the flight we are inviting each other to meet our families.

This was about 20 minutes out of D.F. to the northwest.

After the course today we had lunch at a very elegant seafood restaurant in Los Mochis where you have private rooms.   Very good food and very reasonable.  After, we gassed up and hit the road to Culiacan.  My driver was Alejandro.  Very nice guy who has a degree in Marketing and has big ambitions.  He speaks great English so we switched back and forth and chatted all the way.
Great highway all the way and it was a fast trip.  We saw lots of federales doing their job patrolling the roads.         

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  1. Sounds like you had a great first day, hope the next one goes as well. Love the photo of the volcano, Lindsey has one from last year (same one, I think...but covered in snow).

    Kevin and Ruth