Monday, January 28, 2013

A Short Winter

Here we are barely finishing the end of January and the trees are already budding.  Reminds me of years past.  Last year, if I remember correctly, it wasn't until the end of the second week of February.  We have work to do around here and one of them is to remodel the pool.  The deck has been patched over the last two years, there is a minor leak somewhere,  and the grout needs to be redone inside the pool.  I also want to replace the 300W pool light with a dimmable LED.   We never use the light, it attracts too many bugs.  

Yesterday it was a warm 29C and at night 13C.  So it's not hot and the nights are delicious!   

All three of my contracts have come through and it is only a total of 20 days between now and the end of May.   Excellent!  I have an editing job but  that weekly and via internet, very easy to do and relaxing to boot.  I am very happy that we are off to a good start.

It also looks like we will fly to New York on the 18th for a week to celebrate Juan's 00th birthday.  I want  see the show, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe".  Let's hope it works out.

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  1. Who could forget that great movie with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton! I also saw the stage production by the University of British Columbia drama Club. Unforgettable! What a 00th birthday treat!