Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tuesday's Long Drive to Guadalajara

We said our sad goodbyes to everyone at Hacienda Contreras.   I am a real sentimental guy when it comes to that so we took off as fast as we could.   It was a lot of fun but time to move on as we have other things to do as well.

Worst part was all the parties.   I woke up Sunday night and felt something pulling at my insides.   The ole liver decided it didn't like being dry and went for a hike.  It was moving across the floor of the rv like a snail slithers across a rock.   I pulled out my mighty reel and pulled that puppy back in.  Can't live without a liver.   I think we are dry now, not that we're heading back for more either.

The drive was fun as usual and didn't take more than two hours.  First we stopped at San Luis Soyaltan to pick up a package from Estafeta that we were waiting on from Mexico.  Actually the package only took to days to get there but we took a week to pick it up.  Great service.  We had a fantastic taco at Toño's Tacos on the way out of there.  Heading to Guadalajara it is on the south end of the road just before leaving town.  

We stopped at Roca Azul and said hello to Ken and Kris.  Brian and Sue weren't there, too bad we missed them.  Nice park and nice people there.  We will most likely stay there for a night or two on our next trip to HC.

We arrived at San Jose del Tajo just as the rains started.  Got setup, had a snack and had a wonderful nap in the rain.   The cats have done nothing but sleep so I guess they were worn out too.  They attended all the parties as well and the last campfire.   We did a little shopping over at the mega Mega store and then split a chicken burger and fries from the restaurant in front of the rv park.  There are four places, burgers, antojitos, coffee shop, and pizza.  All are owned by the same company but work independently.   We highly recommend the place.   Chicken burger with cheese and fries and all the extras you want to put on for 71 pesos.    Excellent!

Today I was being watched as I dyed my black shirts.   Got to keep them as black as I can, they fade after a few wash cycles.   I hung them on trees to dry.   I guess the neighbors think we are traveling priests of some kind (circus type, you know, big tents, rvs, etc.)

So off I go now to the airport for a couple of days to the Big Tamal.  It won't get any better.  I have more people wanting to go for a drink then we did in HC,   I don't think I will ever recover.


  1. So the RV park is open!

    As far as the booze, we should all do as Nancy Regan said...., "Just say No".

  2. Just drink a glass of water for each drink!