Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve 2012


We ended the year with a good start yesterday.  I woke up early and looked outside to see this beautiful sunrise.   Kevin and Ruth went with me to Sahuayo to look for parts we needed to complete the solar panel installation.    We got lucky after going to about five different shops looking for cable.  The screws were easy to find thanks to a tip from Sal who recommened we go to Tornillo Loco.   They had what we needed.  I also learned that a lock nut is called a tuerca de seguridad.  We stopped by the Bodega supermarket to pick up a few things before headed back to Valle de Juarez. 

The installation began and everyone in the park got into the act .  Good thing because everyone had something to contribute.  Croft has a basement full of tools and supplies, Keeble helped with the riveting of the brackets, Kevin prepared the cable run and where we would put the controller once I purchase it, Jerry and I supervised the work and contributed when we could.

The party started at eight o'clock but we arrived fashionably late with Croft and  Norma.  Actually, it was raining pretty hard so they invited us over for a drink.  I was blessed by ending the year with some of Croft's $300 bottle of scotch.   It was really good and I hope someday to buy a bottle for myself.  Below is an excellent photo of friends Paula and Norma.

We played a Mexican game called "wink".  Lots of fun once we got it going.  I think the women did a better job of playing than the men.  We danced, drank and ate a lot of good food.   We didn't take enough pictures but Paula posted some good shots on Facebook.
Kevin and Ruth enjoying the party with some New Year's

We had a good run in 2012 in all respects; health, happiness and even money.  We spent time in the U.S. as well as Mexico and learned that we love Mexico so much more.   I guess we are just accustomed to the culture here and are happier living in this place.   We met new friends, we lost a few, and we hope to meet up with more rvers and bloggers this year.
My one wish is for my family, that we can be together sometime soon.   That was one thing I didn't accomplish.  I miss them all very much and hope that will change this year.   They won't come to Mexico, some live in far away places, and others have their own families with kids, grandkids and great-grandkids.  Oh well, life isn't perfect but I couldn't ask for more.   We have it all!  Happy New Year to all!  Live it like it is your last.


  1. All the best in 2013 to you and Juan, Chirs - from the 3 of us! Glad to have met you guys - hoping we'll get together again - soonish!