Monday, January 14, 2013

San MIguel de Allende - Matehuala

You can tell by the pictures below the road and the scenary today was excellent.  The sun was covered by overcast skies.  We left SMA at 8:30 and headed out to Los Rodriguez, also known as Ciudad de Topes because it has 14 topes that you cannot avoid.  This route took us to the famous Hwy 57 heading north to Matehuala. 

There were some rough spots as the north bound lanes are awaiting resurfacing.  But overall we had a great  day and not a hitch along the way. We have found three places we want to visit that are on the route and we may come back in the summer.  One of them is called Santa Maria del Rio, there is a church on top of a mountain.  It looks like a long climb up and it is all stairs.   They say it takes an hour to reach the top.   The church was built after a religious celebration on the mountain top left five children dead after a huge storm and lightning strike.   Another is called Lourdes, SLP and has a history of over 500 years.  

We arrived safely to Las Palmas Hotel in Matehuala which has a very strong wifi signal in the rv park.  We just ordered a salad by phone from the restaurant and they delivered it to our trailer.  A Walmart is across the street and we did an rver walk through there.

In the end, today was bittersweet.  Some very good friends of ours have suffered a tremendous loss and we couldn't help but spend the day talking about them and how wonderful they are.   Our hearts are heavy and our prayers are with them.   Bless you.

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